Jesus To The Muslims



In our desire to share the Gospel we often overlook what is already available. Within a culture or religion there might already be the seeds that if properly presented can be planted in fertile ground.

In my review of the interaction between Christians and Muslims I have found nothing except clashes. And in almost all cases, the interaction gets brutal.

During the uprising in Egypt to overthrow Mubarak, I prayed much for God to work mightily through the Christians there and in other Muslim areas seeking freedom. What an awesome sight to behold Christians united to protect the Muslim protestors during their calls to prayer. Hand in hand they were a testimony of the love of God that blasts through all the walls that Satan attempts to put in the way of God's grace and mercy. How amazing to hear the Muslims praising the Christians for putting themselves in danger in order to protect them during such a vulnerable time.

This doesn't diminish the irreconcilable differences between Christianity and Islam. Rather it should make us work harder to find those avenues where the Gospel can most easily be presented without becoming a direct confrontation.

Living in the Middle East during 2009 and 2010 has given me a strong perception of the difficulties we face in presenting the Gospel to all Muslims. I also read through the Koran and made some interesting observations. Then I ran across an amazing historical book on the early spread of Islam from Mohammed till its apex of power and influence.

My disoveries can be seen by clicking the button below. After reading it through I hope you catch the vision of what it might do if that information is put into the reach of all Muslims. A Bible in the hands of every Muslim is the goal. I hope you will do all you can to help link Muslims to that information.

  Hussein's Martyrdom  

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